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I am a ecologist living and working in Western Canada. I conduct vegetation surveys for a range of clients from government to private corporations. I have specific expertise with the bryophytes (mosses and liverworts) and conduct bryophyte surveys as well as producing complete vegetation inventories. I also carry out wetland assessments and classify vegetation to ecological land classification systems. Before moving to Western Canada, in 2008, I lived and worked in the UK as an ecologist (vegetation and wildlife) and work areas included protected species, biodiversity, ecological restoration, ecological assessment and ecological impact assessment. When not in the field, I identify bryophytes collected by others whilst conducting inventory surveys for environmental assessments. I am also actively involved in homeschooling my children. I am a strong believer that biology is a discipline that should sit firmly within the realms of science and prefer working on projects with scientific value. I established the Western Canada Bryophyte and Lichen Interest Group in 2011 which now has a membership of 150+ and the interest is growing. We conduct bryophyte and lichen inventories primarily in Alberta and invite our members to come along to participate in and enjoy sociable learning.

Tel: 1 (403) 671 1900

Dr. Carly Kenny -

I am a reviewer, editor and ecologist with expertise in soil/water relations and atmospheric chemistry. I have an affinity for writing and reviewing and have received formal training in technical writing and editing. I have worked (in Canada, France and the UK) as an advisor for environmental consultancy companies and as a freelance contract ecologist and editor, for academia, research institutes, businesses and private individuals. Since starting a family, I no longer do fieldwork but focus my extensive experience on technical writing and editing. I review and edit reports, scientific papers, theses, grant proposals, dissertations, posters and articles, offering advice on scientific content, technical merit, grammar, language and overall comprehension. When I am not working I manage my 3 young daughters and am actively involved in their homeschooling.

Tel: 1 (403) 971 1901